Why is Collaborate share not working ?

Why is Collaborate share not working ?

Verify that the Collaborate share option is enabled. To verify, open the system settings and go to Settings> Presentation: Enable Wireless Sharing.
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      Collaborate Network Setup Information: In order to videoconference via the network, some network settings must be set by your network manager. SYSTEM PLACED IN THE DMZ: 1. A reserved static IP address 2. Subnet Mask 3. Default Gateway address 4. DNS ...
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    • In Collaborate Space or Spontania the Share video option does not display anything

      This is caused by lack of vídeo codecs on that PC, please update them.  You can download a complete video codec pack here:  https://files3.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1544_Full.exe
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      1) To make sure the dongle is functional, plug the dongle into a PC and make sure it is recognized by the PC.  It would show up as a “HID-Compliant Mouse”. 2) Try the pairing procedure - Remove the dongle from the codec.  Press ok & back button on ...
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      If pressing keys on the remote makes the lighted power button flash, but the system does not respond, then the remote is working but not being picked up by the system.  Try moving the remote’s USB dongle to a different USB port and retry the remote.  ...