The Unite 50 will not pan or tilt.

The Unite 50 will not pan or tilt.

The Unite 50 is ePTZ so you need to zoom in before you can digitally pan and tilt the view.
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    • Will the Unite cameras work on USB 2.0 ?

      The Unite 150 and 200 cameras will work on USB 2.0 but the video quality will be reduced as USB 2.0 only has about 10% of the bandwidth of USB 3.0 With our testing the best video quality we saw with USB 2.0 was 720P30, but you may see lower quality ...
    • I inverted the image on my Unite 200 camera, but it resets when the camera loses power.

      The image flip settings in the Unite 200 camera will be retained if set in a very specific manner.=  Through the Unite 200 web interface please check the following: In the web interface "Video" menu, if the video format is set to “Dial Priority“, ...
    • The system will not power on with the remote.

      The "power button" on the Collaborate remote control will put the system in and out of "Sleep" mode.  If the system is "Shutdown" with the on screen menu, the only way to power the unit back up is by pressing the power button on the system.
    • Does the Unite 50 have a microphone ?

      Yes, the Unite 50 built-in microphone array that has omni-directional pickup, the pickup distance is up to 12 meters, and it has a noise suppressing algorithm for excellent sound.
    • Where do I find documentation for the Unite cameras ?

      You can find Unite camera documentation in our Resource library found here: