Collaborate Network Setup

Collaborate Network Setup

Collaborate Network Setup Information:

In order to videoconference via the network, some network settings must be set by your network manager.

1. A reserved static IP address
2. Subnet Mask
3. Default Gateway address
4. DNS address

If DHCP is available and the COLLABORATE® Live is connected behind a firewall, select one of the following 3 options to operate the system:

1. Forward the following ports to the video conferencing system in your Firewall :

Ports to open when using H.323 calls:
• 389 TCP
• 1718-1719 UDP
• 1720 TCP
• 1731 TCP
• 5004-6004 TCP and UDP
• 80 TCP and 23TCP

Ports to open when using SIP calls:
• 5060-5061 TCP and UDP
• 5004 UDP
• 10000 UDP (SIP gate service - usually 3478/9)
• 16348-32768 UDP (RTP, RTCP multimedia streaming)

Ports to open when using Space:
• 443 TCP
• 6000-6100 UDP
• 5222 TCP (Presence)

Ports to open when using Collaborate share:
• 9050 TCP
• 9051 TCP
• 56789 TCP
• 56987 TCP
• 2203
• 9052 – 9058 UDP

2. Network Address Translation (NAT):
The NAT address can be configured in the COLLABORATE® Live in the Settings>Advanced>Network menu. The NAT mode can be configured to Disabled, Manual, or Automatic. Configure the system IP in the Broadband Router DMZ host.

3. Firewall Traversal Server:
The COLLABORATE® Live can be registered to NetPoint firewall traversal server. The NetPoint server allows end points behind firewalls to communicate with other end points, both in WAN and behind other firewalls (NetPoint server address can be provided by ClearOne representative).
Use the Settings>Advanced>H.323 menu to configure a connection to a NetPoint server, enter the required details in the following fields: Server address (NetPoint IP address) and user name. Select the protocol you want to use to connect your call, H.460 or Tunnelling.