Can I connect the Huddle or Versa hub to my PC with USB 2.0 ?

Can I connect the Huddle or Versa hub to my PC with USB 2.0 ?

USB 3.0 has about 10x the bandwidth of USB 2.0 and USB 2.0 does not do a good job supporting even a single HD camera, so we would not recommend using USB 2.0 to connect the Versa Hub to your computer.
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    • How do I use the audio input on the side of the Versa hub ?

      In the computer if you set the audio input to USB Audio, the audio from the red (line level) port on the side of the Versa hub can be used - you can then record that audio to a file and play it back on the computer.
    • How big is the Versa hub ?

      The Versa hub is about 8.75" x 3.5" x 1.25" and it comes with a double-back adhesive strip for mounting, and it should fit behind most displays.
    • The Video output on the Huddle or Versa hub is not working

      1) First check whether the display HDMI ports are working fine 2) install DisplayLink drivers in the computer to solve the issue. DisplayLink drivers can be downloaded here: Settings on the computer control what ...
    • Is the Versa or Versa Pro bundle a complete video conferencing system ?

      No, you also need a computer and conferencing application.  The Collaborate Versa 150 and the Collaborate Versa Pro 150 systems connect to a computer and the call is made from the computer.  That computer does not need to have our Space application, ...
    • Re-Pairing the Collaborate RF Remote to the USB Dongle

      Pairing the Remote Control with a USB dongle receiver 1.       Start with batteries installed in the remote control and the USB dongle not plugged in the codec. 2.      Simultaneously press the OK and Back buttons on the remote control and hold for 3 ...